Supply Chain Management

  • MTI Group Purchasing Policy
  • Environmental Requirement
  • Supplier Social Responsibility - Safe and Respectful Workplace
  • Supplier Commitment to Ethical Sourcing
  • MTI Supply Chain Requirement on Vendors

Purchasing Policy & Environmental Requirement

  • Commitment to Ethical Sourcing of Minerals
  • Social Responsibility - Safe and Respectful Workplace
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Purchasing Policy

Being a global corporate citizen, MTI is committed to fair trade principles with its supply chain partners, promoting environmental protection, ensuring safety, health and human rights of the workers to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities. MTI also demands that all its suppliers strictly adhere to applicable laws and regulations, respect environmental protection, prohibit children or non-voluntary laborers, treat the workers fairly, reject any kind of discrimination and refrain from purchasing the so-called "conflict mines" to avoid supporting military conflicts and human rights abuse. MTI Group declares and undertakes not to accept the metal from the "conflict mines" and demands that all its suppliers to adhere to the MTI Group Purchasing Policy. 


MTI is committed to ensuring that working conditions in its supply chains are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that business operations are environmentally responsible and conducted ethically.

MTI has established the Supplier Code of Conduct and requires our suppliers to operate in accordance with the principles outlined in the Code fully compliance with the laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which they operate. MTI also requires the suppliers to hold their suppliers, Contractors, and service providers to the standards defined.


Required Ability of Vendors

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Potential Supplier List

  • Idnetifying the vendors meeting the minimum requirement by MTI
    1. The material and proudction control to the order fulfillment & OTD management
    2. Quality control and RMA handling
  • Defining the specifications of product to be procured
    1. Design for manufacturing to fulfill MTI target specifiction
    2. Sourcing ability to select the sophisicated material and/or technology
  • The product cost driving and the quality management going forward
    1. Strategic sourcing for EE, MECH and other materials
    2. Forward pricing to maintain the compeitive product cost

Supplier Selection

  • SST (Supplier Selection Team) evaluates the potential suppliers to be official ones in MTI QVL (Qualified Vendor List)

Performance Assessment

  • MTI SQM team evaluates supplier performance and publish the score monthly

Strategic Suppliers

  • Over 3 years the performance is [Prefer] and [Good]
  • Technical Performance Outstanding
  • Customer Assignment
  • Cost, Delivery and Quality Excellent Performance
  • Risk Management Abilities for Material and OTD Requirement


MTI Supply Online

Approach MTI

If you are interested in providing products to MTI, you are required to complete the relevant documents for consideration. You are liable for the information you provide to MTI and you guarantee the information provided is true. To complete the following procedure is a pre-requisite for starting business transactions with MTI. MTI reserves the right to perform SST qualification process.




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Supplier Selection Criteria

Suppliers Performance Assessment

New Supplier Requirement



UPN and EEP Shipping Document Maintenance

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