Design & Engineering Core Competencies

  • System Engineering
  • Hardware Designs
  • FPGA/Firmware designs、Software designs
  • Mechanical designs
  • Integration and Testing
  • Quality engineering、Project management

Starting from Base Station Power Amplifier Module (PAM) designs and productions, MTI has involved in Telecom infrastructure industry for more than two decades. While distributed base station system becoming the main stream of Base Station architecture, MTI expanded its design capabilities with the merge of TelASIC (now the MTI Laboratory Inc.) and RadioComp Aps (now the MTI RadioComp Aps) to form a world-leading RRH R&D team in designing and delivering state-of-the-art, high quality Remote Radio Heads (RRH)/Radio Unit (RU) to mobile broadband operators serving 3G WCDMA, 4G LTE, and now the 5G NR with Open-RAN (O-RAN) network applications. Our competences include :

System engineering

  • Radio system requirement analysis
  • Specification definition and breakdown for filter, power supply, RLB (Radio Linearizer Board), PA (Power Amplifier) and reliability

Hardware designs

  • Radio Linearizer Board (RLB) high speed digital, analog, RF, mixed signal circuit design
  • High efficiency power amplifier design, LDMOS FET and GaN, symmetrical and asymmetric Doherty type
  • Multi-layer PCB layout
  • Signal integrity and power integrity analysis

FPGA/Firmware designs

  • Front end radio signal processing of DUC/DDC, CFR (Crest Factor Reduction), DPD (Digital Pre-Distortion)
  • JESD204B/C serial interface
  • Back end interface of OBSAI, CPRI, eCPRI O-RAN split 7.2x protocols
  • IEEE 1588 PTP synchronization
  • Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) synchronization

Software designs

  • Radio control software (RCS)
  • Communication protocol
  • AISG protocol for antenna and TMA control

Mechanical designs

  • Enclosure design and mold development
  • Ingress protection design and verification
  • Thermal analysis, design, optimization and measurement

Integration and Testing

  • Hardware and software integration tests
  • Design verifications
  • 3GPP LTE/NR/MSR RF conformance tests
  • Software regression tests

Quality engineering

  • Reliability prediction (MTBF) and failure mode analysis (DFMEA/PFMEA)
  • Environmental qualification tests (EQT)
  • Reliability Tests

Project management

  • Design and deliver products on quality, on time and on budget


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These technical competences have been successfully applied in ODM, JDM of 3G and 4G radio projects and now the 5G O-RAN White Label RRH developments.




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