Design & Engineering Core Competencies

  • Over 30 years design experience with comprehensive expertise in Radio
  • Outdoor unit Design Capability
  • XCVR (Transceiver) Design Capability
  • Software/Firmware Capability

Outdoor unit design capability

  • Variety of frequency bands from 6 to 42GHz
  • Cost-effective ODU enclosure and stack-up design
  • Thermal simulation and optimization to ensure product reliability
  • Robust ingress protection rating IP67
  • Experienced transceiver, power supply module, front-end module, and control/manage design
  • Outdoor environmental compliance design (surge, shock, vibration, corrosion,…)
  • Design tooling: Autocad, Pro/E, Solidwork , CFD, FloTHERM, Relex

XCVR (Transceiver) design capability

  • Multi-layers & special insertion design for HPA
  • Optimized RF emission shielding design
  • Wideband WG-probe & transition
  • COB (Chip-On-Board) capability up to mm-wave
    Superior NF and phase noise matching
  • Simulation/Tools: ADS, HFSS, PADS, OrCAD

Software/Firmware capability

  • MCU platform : 805X, PIC
  • Embedded platform for SoC from Tier-1
  • FPGA platform for device from Tier-1
  • Telemetry control : SPI, UART, FSK, DiSEqc, I2C
  • Ethernet : HTTP, SNMP, Spanning Tree, VLAN, QoS, PTP, SyncE, OAM, RMON, RFC2544

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