Design & Engineering Core Competencies

  • 1st company in Taiwan to design LNBs for Satellite industry
  • Full range LNBs design capability
  • Leading advanced design skill
  • In-house environment verification

Full range LNBs design capability

MTI was the 1st company in Taiwan to design LNBs for the Satellite industry. With more than 30 years of experience the MTI product range covers all relevant frequency bands (L/S/C/Ku/Ka) for customers around the World. These products are all developed with competitiveness at the forefront whilst maintaining exceptional reliability and performance.


mti_service_LNB_milestone.jpg (309 KB)



Leading advanced design skill

MTI utilizes the unparalleled experience within the team alongside the latest in performance simulation and analysis tools to realize state of the art products. Whether it be ground breaking performance or cost reduced designs MTI is able to work with its wide range of leading suppliers to provide customers exactly the products they need.


In-house environmental verification

MTI has a very well established, certified Quality System which is regularly audited. To assist in maintaining the strict performance and reliability standards throughout our product cycles we have a wide range of certified in-house environment testing equipment. MTI verification procedures also include testing and monitoring of EMC performance to required international norms and standards.